[PHOTO GALLERY] New pics and candids

button_enHi. I’ve just added photos of Luke at the Calgary Expo 2016 and at the opening of “Fully Committed” in the Photo Gallery.
button_spHola. Acabo de añadir nuevas fotos de Luke en el Calgary Expo 2016 y en el estreno de “Fully Committed” en la Galería de Fotos (Photo Gallery).
button_itCiao. Ho appena inserito nuove foto di Luke al Calgary Expo 2016 e alla prima di “Fully Committed” nella Galleria Fotografica (Photo Gallery).
button_frSalut. Je viens d’ajouter nouvelles photos de Luke au Calgary Expo 2016 et au première du “Fully Committed” dans la Galerie de photos (Photo Gallery).

Photo Gallery > Public Appearances > 2016 > Luke, Aaron Ashmore, Michelle Lovretta and the crew of “Killjoys” at Calgary Expo 2016, Canada, 30th April 2016

Photo Gallery > Public Apperances > 2016 > Luke at the Fully Committed opening, Lyceum Theatre, New York, 25th April 2016

Photo Gallery > Candids > 2016 > Luke at the Fully Committed after party, The Eventi Hotel, New York, 25th April 2016

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