Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Dutch and the Real Girl


Good ol’ D’avin said it best early in the episode, “Missed you bastards!”

Luckily for us, this is no green-goo induced dream and Killjoys is finally back for another run. I am thrilled we get to spend another season with this incredible cast and crew. I can’t even imagine not getting a third season, so I’m starting the #RenewKilljoys campaign early.

I didn’t see the twists of Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1 coming, which is part of the fun.

Dutch Undercover - Killjoys

Let me start by saying I loved that this installment picked up right where we left off, and that we didn’t spend three episodes searching for D’avin. At just 10 episodes per season, there’s really no time to waste.

While the tighter storytelling does away with any filler episodes, it also means the season will be over far too quickly. Take Game of Thrones for example, we’ve got to wait a year now to return to Westeros. Ugh!

Anyway, wasn’t it cool that the entire cold open was a dream? I was just so happy to be back in The Quad, hanging out with our fave Reclamation Agents, that I didn’t see that one coming. This little twist allowed the season to hit the ground running, while reintroducing RED 17, Level 7 and the mysterious green-goo.

Aboard Lucy, Johnny and Dutch sent a probe down to Arkyn, but it was blown to smithereens. That set up the rest of the adventure. The team needed to locate a shield that would allow them to bypass the planet’s defenses.
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Those Level 6 are a clever lot… and Dutch got a little desperate.

Dutch: Johnny, Khlyen’s had D’avin down there for five days. Five! If we don’t find him now we may not find him at all.
Johnny: We can’t even be sure that he’s still down there.
Dutch: You’re right, let’s go find out.

Wasn’t it awesome having Pree along on this adventure? I am so excited that Thom Allison’s character is out from behind the bar and kicking ass. He’s got aliases too, that’s just frakkin’ amazing.

You can already tell that this season will feature some of the secondary characters much more prominently… which rocks!

Quick comment about the new intro. I didn’t love it when I first watched it online, but it has grown on me. It’s not so much the graphics, but the new music is a tad generic and the original had such personality.

If fans were allowed a say in the matter, I’d vote for the Killjoys Season 1 opening credits (with updated images of course). The vibe in this new intro is just off. Sorry guys, but that’s my two cents.

So, Dutch lost her mind for a minute and almost ended the entire series early.
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Good thing Johnny came up with the alternate plan of stealing the infamous Connaver gang’s shield.

Side note, those baddies are inevitably going to catch up with our heroes. I mean, they not only swiped their shit but let it walk away. I’m thinking you can count on a confrontation with the Connaver siblings real soon.

It wasn’t a surprise Pree had a few skeleton’s in his closet. To me, the character always seemed way too sophisticated and did not quite fit in on Westerley.

It makes perfect sense he was hiding out at the Royale the whole time. I think that bit of backstory’s brilliant. Besides, who doesn’t want more Pree on the show?

The Johnny/Pree team up was phenomenal and I enjoyed every minute of them posing as a couple while gambling. How about when John called Pree’s mother a bitch and the entire room stopped in its tracks? That was such a terrific moment and made me so happy that Killjoys was back.

Meanwhile, Dutch searched for and eventually found the Connaver device.

Hack-mod Clara is without a doubt one of the wildest creations Michelle Lovretta has come up with for the show. Stephanie Leonidas (Defiance/American Gothic) instantly fit in with the rest of the cast. Like Lucy, I found myself really wanting her to stick around.
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Dutch: I’m just looking for a device. It belonged to the Connavers. They use it to get into Arkyn.
Clara: Why do you want it?
Dutch: My partner, he’s trapped down there. He needs my help.

On Arkyn, D’avin was having strange “visions” courtesy of the green-goo. We learned later they were memories… hmmm. Why the hells were the scarbacks on Arkyn? How did Khlyen spot him in the memory?

Is the green-goo some kind of symbiotic organism? Is it possible that once you’re Level 6 you’re assimilated into the collective? You know, à la The Borg. It’s a cool theory, right?

The scene with D’avin rejecting the green-goo was interesting. I did not see that coming either.

So what exactly makes the guy special; Dr. Pim Jaegar’s implants? His blood? Clearly, that’s just one of this season’s big mysteries.

Khlyen himself was curious enough to free D’avin and allow him to return to Dutch. I can’t wait to learn more.

Ultimately, Dutch and her crew escaped Eulogy following one of the most badass shoot-outs we’ve ever seen on the show. Yeah, I’m already crazy about Clara.
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Dutch: I can get you out of here if you can help me get to Arkyn.
Clara: Deal.
Dutch: Now let’s go.
Clara: Wait, I’m not leaving without Alice.
Dutch: Who the hell is Alice?
Clara: My good arm. Trust me, you’re going to want Alice.

How insanely sweet was Alice, you guys? I hated it when Clara got shot, but you knew she’d survive because the gang had not rescued D’avin yet. Plus, teasing “The Factory” implied we will go there at some point, no?

Speaking of which, good thing Luke Macfarlane is ripped because D’av’s always showing as much skin as possible on this show. That’s not a complaint mind you, I’m all for equal opportunity nakedness on TV… you go Luke!

The D’avin/Khlyen pairing was unexpected, but we’ve always known Dutch’s mentor loves her in his own twisted way. He realized D’avin would indeed die for Dutch (and Johnny), which makes him an asset.

Khlyen confessed his plan was to make D’avin a Level 6 who protected Dutch, but was loyal to him. That seems to support my alien symbiote theory, as does D’av’s “multitasking green shit” comment.

Is Khlyen creating an army of Level 6’s to oppose The Black Root or The Lady? Am I close Michelle? Please feel free to DM me anytime or maybe I’ll just ask you that question on my podcast.

Clara did her part and even sympathized with Dutch’s situation, comparing Khlyen to the Connaver gang. Wasn’t Clara’s connection to Lucy fun too? I’m telling you, the girl instantly fit in with our first season favorites.

Once our heroes were reunited, D’avin was tested to see if he’d bleed. I’m assuming he’s not Level 6, but you never know. Fancy Lee was not so lucky. Is that a bad thing though? After this episode I feel differently about the Sixes… Don’t you?

Overall, it was wonderful to be back in Lovretta’s world. Some TV shows are all gloom and doom, and although Killjoys can be dark it is also really fun. Personally, I enjoy all kinds of shows, but it felt especially great to spend another hour in The Quad.

Did you enjoy “Dutch and the Real Girl” as much as I did? What are you theories on the green-goo? The Black Root or The Lady? Is Khlyen a good guy? Are you glad to see the gang reunited? You’re up, hit the comments below and share your wildest theories!

That installment is worth another viewing, right? Well, you can watch Killjoys online via TV Fanatic anytime… day or night.

NOTE: Killjoys Season 2 Episode 2 is titled “Wild, Wild Westerley” and airs on July 8.

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