INTERVIEW! KILLJOYS Wayward Soldier Luke Macfarlane Talks Level 6 & D’avin’s Challenges!



Killjoy newbie and recent Red 17 Immune Arkyn abductee, D’avin, has had WAY TOO MANY terrible, horrible, and very bad days! And, the outlook for season two doesn’t look to call for many Sunny and 70’s experiences. Seriously folks, the Killjoys universe gets a lot bigger this year.

“Being level six does not mean you are an asshole”

Luke Macfarlane was careful not to spoil too much, but did reveal a few choice hints on what fans can expect. “I think what we can tease is…we learn a lot more about what a level 6 is and that it’s not as simple, as good and evil as we originally thought. What makes a level six that becomes a big story point. The actual physical make up of a level six. Being level six does not mean you are an asshole. You learn a lot more about it and that has been around for a very long time. They have some evil plans.”

“The first episode is really action packed. Insane. There was no easy episode. The action this season comes in all different shapes and sizes. Because the story is so dense, there isn’t really anything that not significant. Anything that is brought up about a character, or a prop get pulled back in.

“Humor Drama and Pain are very close to each other.”

KILL109_DuoThis season was a challenge for the cast. “The lighting shift scenes from violence and then right into humor and then into pain.It’s hard to know how to play it. “Humor Drama and Pain are very close to each other.”

When asked to describe this season in one word, Luke thoughtfully replied, “Family. I think we learned last year what it means to love each other. This year it is more about what we can bear. How much weight we can take on. How much we can understand each other and still stick together. The three of us – we challenge each other a lot. This year D’avin is with two people he cannot control an it has opened him in a very deep way.”

“I like the masculinity of Davin.”

KILL2_DavinAngryLuke appreciates D’avin’s temperament and straight forward personality. “I am really grateful to get into a character like Davin. I like the masculinity of Davin. His ideas and who he thinks he is. D’avin often reacts first from his gut than his head. And, that is something that I as a person I don’t do. I over think things a lot.”

In closing, Luke revealed his favorite episode. “I am looking forward to five because it is a John episode. I want to see how it all turns out.It’s John’s big episode.”

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