Killjoys Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Shaft


Those abandoned mine scenes were just a tad claustrophobic, weren’t they?

It made for a scary/fun hour, as well as an interesting new location I have a feeling we’ll be visiting again. Killjoys Season 2 Episode 3 provided several clues that the origin of the green-goo may just be those mossipedes. Why do they not like D’av?

We had an adventure with Pree, this time Alvis was along for the ride. Good times!

That certainly was a creepy way to kick off the episode. Not only was Dutch on the ground among a bunch of skeletons, but Khlyen appeared and stabbed her in the gut. What?!?

Of course, then we jumped back 12 hours which is one of my favorite storytelling devices. Was Khlyen really there? Is Dutch a Six? Would we get any answers throughout the hour?

Before catching up with that opening scene, our heroes met with Turin who sent them on a “special ops” mission. Why would Khlyen leave those RAC agents out there to die? Not that the guy values life, mind you, but clearly there was something out there he wanted to keep covered up.

Quick note, the blueish hue of the Northern Badlands reminded me of Maveth (the alien planet on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). That’s not a bad thing, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 5 was probably my favorite episode of the entire series so far (I gave it 5 stars). The effect definitely creates an otherworldly illusion, which I love.

We got our first peek at the “moss” inside the stranded ship, and it meant trouble.

D’avin: What is this shit?
John: Well, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that it’s moss.
D’avin: In a ship? In a desert?
Dutch: They called in for an evac a week ago. Where does this stuff come from Johnny?
D’avin: How did it grow so fast?
John: Seriously, what do you guys think that I’m a mossologist?

Man, does Johnny get the best lines or what? How about the “angry vagina” remark later on in the episode? Ha! Johnny is the best and Aaron Ashmore’s delivery could not be more perfect.

It was great the gang took Alvis along on this mission. Tarren Tighmon mentioned his time in the mines with the monk on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 2, so his presence made sense.

He wasn’t forced into the story, all the pieces fit nicely. Besides, there was a dead monk down there and the mysterious scarback symbol.

I really enjoyed the awkward tension between D’av and Alvis. From Alvis going through D’avin’s stuff and using his shirt, to D’av’s comment about how long the monk was going to hang around. He can’t seriously be jealous, can he? Is Alvis flirting with our alpha male? Is a D’alvis ship about to set sail?

Anyway, it wasn’t long before our heroes were down in the mine. As I mentioned, I’ve got a feeling we’re going to be revisiting that mine this season. There were just too many new clues dropped there for it to be a one and done. You know what I mean?

Dutch: Any thoughts on the monk angle?
Alvis: All I can say is that the faith grew up in the mines. That’s how I ended up taking the robes.
D’avin: You were a miner?
Dutch: That’s why he’s with us D’av.
D’avin: Here I thought it was bring a monk to work day.

Michelle Lovretta has mentioned she loves (and does not shy away from) tropes. This was basically the alien entity that screws with a person’s mind causing him to try to kill his crew. I’m not complaining, tropes exist because they work.

The cool thing is that Michelle and her writers room always find that little twist that makes the device work for Killjoys. “Oh good, wacko in the dark. Love these missions” Johnny wise-cracked. Yup, that’s this episode in a nutshell.

It’s always nice to see Andrew Gillies (Orphan Black/12 Monkeys) pop up on my favorite shows. We met Pawter’s mother last season, and now we’ve met her dad… via holophone naturally.

Pawter manipulated Jelco pretty ingeniously, didn’t she? That whole thing with his heart was just… ewww, but so damn cool! However, big bad’s don’t give up so easily and now I’m really worried he’s going to come after Pawter.

Hopefully she kills him before he takes her out. I’d hate to lose Sarah Power on the show, but then again Johnny’s smitten and you know how that goes.

Lucy confirmed that the RED 17 base was destroyed after a large transfer of data. Did Fancy free Khlyen and together they relocated the base? Or is the Black Root responsible? I’m very curious to learn more about his arc, where last season Khlyen was more of a nuisance.

Speaking of RED 17, the symbol D’avin saw at the base turned out to be a “scarback thing.” I love the way all these pieces are starting to come together.

Alvis only revealed to D’av that it’s the, “Story about some monks. Twelve went away to fight the devil and none came back.” Very interesting.

So, the man-eating moss devoured Tanya prompting Dutch to ask, “What does any of this have to do with Khlyen?” While it’s still too early for any solid answers, it’s clear the “mossipedes” were connected to RED 17. Johnny mentioned a “hive mind” and that they’re smart.

Yup, I theorized about that in my Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1 review.

John: Well, to start with it looks like an angry vagina and these things aren’t moss… they’re centipedes.
D’avin: Moss covered centipedes? Mossipedes?
John: They must use the moss as camouflage, but they move together and must have some sort of hive mind. It’s not just that, they’re smart.

The question is, did the green-goo originate in those mines on Westerly or was Khlyen conducting experiments there? Did Khlyen milk the mossipedes?

According to Johnny, the mossipedes had some sort of psychotropic venom which caused hallucinations. That explained Dutch’s meeting with Khlyen in the opening sequence. It was all in her head. Apparently there is much more to the nasty critters though.

D’avin was convinced the mossipedes were connected to Khlyen and the Sixes, but Johnny wasn’t so sure. The proof seems to be that the things moved away from D’av when he came close to them. What is it about him the green-goo rejects? I need more answers, you guys!

Elsewhere, Alvis came across the dead monk that brought the first team to the mine. The original salvage warrant. We learned that the man left a message in his own skin… Ouchie! It read, “One came back.” Was he that one that survived meeting the devil on Arkyn? Is Khlyen the scarback’s “devil”?

Much like Dutch, I’m still not quite sure how all this ties together, but creator Michelle Lovretta did mention when we spoke that answers are coming in the Killjoys Season 2 finale. We just have to be patient for a few more weeks and try to take guesses at what’s going on. Man, I love this show!

What did you think of “Shaft”? Is there any truth to Dutch’s hallucinations? She can’t be a Six. She was bleeding, right? Did Pawter’s escape surprise you? What makes D’av so darn special? Your turn, sound off in the comments below and share your theories.

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NOTE: Killjoys Season 2 Episode 4 is titled “Schooled” and airs on July 22

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