Killjoys Season 2 Episode 6 Review: I Love Lucy


Fembot Lucy was everything. And that kiss, you guys! ‘Nuff said.

How do Michelle Lovretta and her writing team manage to cram so much sci-fi goodness into one episode? Every week I say, “That was my favorite Killjoys episode.” This week with Killjoys Season 2 Episode 6, it’s absolutely true.

Tons of new info was revealed. Yeah this was a good one!

Back in the Mines

This episode’s opening echoed the nasty Skeevers of the last installment, only slightly more fun. For a moment, I had no idea who the hooded dude was though he sounded like D’avin. “You gave me acid?” D’av asked the old trickster.

Wasn’t it hilarious the way the old fart took off thinking he’d outsmarted a pair of Killjoys? Good thing little brother was around and had a plan. Those brotherly moments between Luke and Aaron are super believable. They’re a blast to watch!

Throw Dutch into the mix and that’s one of the reasons this series just works. The three leads are perfectly cast, and could not have better chemistry. Every now and again you get that “magic,” which makes watching a show a true pleasure. Trust me, there are plenty of shows where that’s not the case and those sit in the DVR. Killjoys is always at the top of my must watch list.

Anyway, when Johnny withdrew some green-goo from “mossy” we learned that D’av can attract the goo and repel it. It’s safe to say that’s going to be a useful trick D’av can use against Khlyen and the Sixes. If Khlyen is able to replicate D’avin’s immunity, these “powers” are going to come in handy for his soldiers as well. I’m just dying to learn more about all this, aren’t you?

The mossy “mind-meld” was creepy, but I’m still not sure how the mossipedes and Sixes are connected. Any theories?

Johnny: I think that’s how the plasma works. It adapts to whatever organism it encounters. It bonds into something new.
D’avin: Is that what they were trying to do to me on Arkyn? Get it to bond?
Johnny: Yeah and when it bonds, it changes.

Johnny mentioned that mossy-goo would only ever connect to mossy. That implies that the Red17/Level Six experiments were either using Khlyen-plasma, or a pure source… right? Though D’av repels the plasma, enough of it remained in his system for Khlyen to hijack his mind on Killjoys Season 2 Episode 5.

Wasn’t it a trip that Pree used his “warlord days” contacts to help the team? I miss Thom Allison terribly when he’s not around, even for a few minutes of screen time. Next season, I think Pree should become a Killjoy just so we get to spend time with him every single episode… Suhweet! What do you say Michelle?

While I hate the fact Johnny is lying to Dutch and D’av, I feel like his relationship with Pawter is worth it. Can you believe she told him she loved him? It was priceless the way the music dropped and everything. As long as this doesn’t cause a permanent rift, I’m good with it.

Lucy, however, is going to struggle with John’s secrets. She certainly didn’t like the fact he asked her to delete that conversation with Pawter.

San Romwell was definitely an interesting character, though it was clear right away he was only out for himself. Like John I’m a total nerd, so the asteroid spaceship almost made me wet myself as well. How cool was that?

By the way, the little exposition about the interior of Romwell’s ship was clever. The show was able to reuse that phenomenal mine set, without actually revisiting the mossipede tunnels. Is there more to those crystals as far as the bigger picture though?

The instant the fembots appeared, I realized the lovely redhead was none other than the voice of Lucy herself. Fans have been asking for a physical representation of Lucy since Killjoys Season 1, and who better than Tamsen McDonough to play her? From now on when we hear that voice, we’ll picture the actress behind it.

Romwell had some nerve trying to use mossy’s plasma as his trade. What an a-hole, right?

Enough bullshit Romwell. There are over 300 warrants out for you, but I won’t invoke them if you give us the plasma in your collection.


Dutch’s sitar had been mentioned a few times throughout the series, so I was curious to finally learn its story.

The “shared hypnosis” bit and Hannah’s gorgeous singing was just icing on the cake. Not to mention Tamsen’s line, “Stop talking. Be naked.” It would not be Killjoys if an episode went by without showcasing D’av’s abs.

So, we learned Dutch’s family was wealthy but lost everything. She was chosen to join a harem and someday marry a prince. That’s where she met Khlyen, which means he is not her father. I’ve always theorized Khlyen might be her dad. This episode seems to have cleared that one up.

We also learned that Khlyen had her kill the prince. Pretty brutal death scene for Romwell, eh? I never expected him to return from the dead. Nanites FTW!

From Romwell, we got this story of visitors from a distant planet whose “organic” ship was powered by the plasma. That’s a pretty massive reveal right there, don’t you think?

Are these visitors the threat Khlyen was creating a Level Six army to protect the Quad against? In my chat with Michelle Lovretta she promised we’d get all those answers by the finale this year. I can’t wait to see how all the pieces fit together.

The fembot fight/chase sequence is the stuff sci-fi shows like Killjoys are made for. Pure fun and entertainment! Suddenly it was like I was a kid again, and so very few shows out there do that for me. I swear, I’ll follow Michelle Lovretta’s projects from this day forward.

Though Lucy’s “death” scene was sad, that kiss more than made up for it. Didn’t it?

Lucy: Will you kiss me, John?
Johnny: What? Why?
Lucy: If you die that may be my only chance to gather that sensory input.
Johnny: That’s not a good reason.
Lucy: This may be your only chance to kiss a robot.
D’avin: Oh buddy, no.

The sparkling finger was spectacular! Wasn’t it? Yeah, I absolutely loved that bit.

Ultimately, Romwell just wanted a partner as immortality gets pretty lonely when your loved ones die off. I honestly felt sorry the scoundrel after his big fight with Dutch. Interesting that she didn’t remind him of anyone. It seems his story is not quite over. Do you think he’ll be back?

Michelle joked on Twitter that this episode was subtitled “errybody gets some”. She wasn’t kidding… Atta-boy monkpants, Ha!

As far as Sabine’s concerned, I had a feeling something was up with her. I mentioned in my Killjoys Season 2 Episode 5 review she might be a Six. So does that bizarre reaction to D’avin mean she’s a Level Six? I’m betting she is. Pretty hot sex scene between those two, right?

What did you think of “I Love Lucy”? Did you enjoy Tamsen’s appearance on the show? What does disrupting thought patterns have to do with the wall? Is the scarback’s tree sap the plasma? Who are these visitors Romwell spoke of? Your turn folks, hit the the comments and share your thoughts below.

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NOTE: Killjoys Season 2 Episode 7 is titled “Heart-Shaped Box” and airs on August 12.

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