Webmaster & Owner: Michela
Site name: Ultimate Macfarlane
Opened: First version: January 19th, 2008
Domain: http://ultimatemacfarlane.flaunt.nu

button_enUltimate Macfarlane is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the talented Canadian actor Luke Macfarlane. I am a fan making a website to show my support for this stunning actor.

The site has a large gallery with original screencaps, magazine scans, event pictures and more. I offer media downloads, detailed information and the latest news on Luke and his career… all in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of this website as I do from maintaining it!


In 2008, I decided to create a Luke’s fansite. At first, the web didn’t have a lots of visitors but when Luke became regular in the cast of “Brothers & Sisters” the site registered lots of visits and I knew fans from around the world. From there was born my idea (I study languages) to write the website (and translate all the news and press articles) not only in Italian, but also in English and Spanish. At the end of 2009 I met María J. after she visited my site. Being a graphic & web designer, she helped me for free with the general style. So we become co-webmasters, Ultimate Macfarlane grew up and was hosted on fan-sites.org.

During 2014-2015 due to her work busy schedule and not being a fan of Luke anymore, María J. chose to not be a co-webmaster anymore.
On June 2015 Fan-sites.org closed so, unfortunately, I lost the entire site ans its backup. So I started from the beginning to create this new version of the site… Hoping it would be beautiful and complete very soon.

In November 2015 the French starts to “speak” French too 😉

From August to November I started learning and build the site by myself and I’m continuing to better it!

Luke knows the existence of this site 🙂

I’ve spent long hours working on this site and I really hope you all like it!


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The Spanish, Italian and French versions of this site will be online very soon.