Chaplain Henry Hopkins


Henry Hopkins, a hospital chaplain with a dark past, is newly committed to God and his work. His integrity, compassion and worldly wisdom make him an appealing figure to staff and patients alike, and eventually draws the eye of Emma Green, against her own instincts. He, in turn, is drawn to her, though he does his best to hide it, since she is a Confederate who sees him as the enemy. Their attraction is unspoken and slow burning, but will eventually ignite into something neither can deny.

Luke on Henry:

Chaplain Hopkins attends to the souls of the wounded and anybody else who really needs any sort of spiritual guidance, which was an important time or an important thing for these men. This is a time when people were a lot more religious than they are nowadays. So I’ll read Bible verses. I’ll read from the Book of Common Prayer. I’ll do the services. So many of the men in this hospital were at a point in their lives where they badly needed spiritual guidance. Some of them are at the end of their lives and they need to make peace with God, or try to make some kind of peace. So he’s definitely a welcomed figure in the hospital.

Actor bio

Luke Macfarlane currently stars as one of the leads on the SyFy series “Killjoys.” He made his feature film debut in Bill Condon’s Kinsey opposite Liam Neeson and Laura Linney. He also starred in Robert Altman’s “Tanner on Tanner,” a limited series for the Sundance Channel, opposite Cynthia Nixon. On the small screen, Luke was a series regular on the Canadian sitcom “Satisfaction” and has appeared as a guest on hit shows such as “Smash,” “Person of Interest” and “Beauty and the Beast.” On the stage, Luke starred in “Where Do We Live,” written and directed by Chris Shinn, at the Vineyard Theater, as well as the play Juvenilia.

Most recently, Luke has starred in the Playwright’s Horizons production of “The Busy World Is Hushed” opposite Jill Clayburgh. Luke is a graduate of the Juilliard Drama Division, where he starred in the productions of “The School of Night,” “Blue Window,” “The Grapes of Wrath” and “As You Like It.” Luke is best known for his role on ABC’s hit television series “Brothers and Sisters.” He is also known for his work on the critically acclaimed Steven Bochco FX series “Over There” and most recently starred in the CBC mini-series “Iron Road,” leading an all-star cast including Peter O’Toole and Sam Neill.

Luke hails from London, Ontario, and resides in Los Angeles.

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Luke Macfarlane Talks “The Night Shift,” What’s The Deal With The Salvation Army? BRIEFS



Luke Macfarlane talks about his various TV projects, including the Hallmark movie Christmas Land, Season Two of Killjoys, his brief turn on Supergirl (“I got to catch up with Calista Flockhart,”) and his upcoming PBS potential series Mercy Street (which also stars Cameron Monaghan and Jack Falahee)


 “I’m super proud of this project. It’s produced by Scott-Free, [it has] wonderful writers. I play Chaplain Hopkins, who was a Union Chaplain who worked at this hospital,” he explains. “It’s essentially an Upstairs, Downstairs story of a hospital. Being a Civil War buff, I was very excited to live inside this world. It’s a fantastic cast. I think PBS is looking to find something that whets the appetite of the Downton Abbey audience, which they’ll be losing this year as the show goes off the air. I don’t know how official it is, but I understand they’d like to do one for every year of the war.”

Plus his hopes for a return to NBC’s The Night Shift.

“Also holding a place on Macfarlane’s dance card is the third season of The Night Shift. He hopes he can return to the show after Killjoys wraps in April. “Gabe [Sachs] has been really open with me. I love doing that show. I want to [give him a window] and come do something with Brendan. I’m pitching myself,” he says. “I love being part of the show. I know how frustrating it was for fans [that my availability impacted the story].”

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Synopsis and video preview from “Christmas Landmark”

About Christmas Land

Jules Cooper is a successful New York businesswoman who seemingly has everything: a rapidly growing career in marketing and a handsome boyfriend named Mitchell. Jules soon learns her beloved late Grandmother Glinda has left her ‘Christmas Land,’ a magical Christmas-themed village and Christmas tree farm in the countryside. Much of Jules’s favorite childhood memories revolve around Christmas Land and the holiday’s her family spent there in her youth. Upon arriving in Christmas Land to claim the property, she meets handsome and charming Tucker Barnes, the lawyer handling the estate. Christmas Land has seen better days since Glinda’s tragic passing and Jules is forced to make many complicated decisions. Should she sell Christmas Land to real estate tycoon Mason Richards and get back to her busy city life? Or should she stay and bring Christmas Land back to its former glory? With decisions to be made in both life and love, this Christmas for Jules is sure to be both interesting… and magical.

Video Preview

Is Recently Out ‘Prison Break’ Star Wentworth Miller Dating Actor Luke Macfarlane?



After “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller, age 41, came out as gay Wednesday in an open letter addressed to Russia declining an invitation over that nation’s anti-gay law, Luke Mcfarlane is now making headlines as his rumored boyfriend.


Miller and Macfarlane have been linked together since 2007 after Perez Hilton forcibly outed Wentworth and then said the two were dating according to a ‘reliable source.’ In this picture, the two are riding around in the car laughing. In October, Wentworth went on to deny any gay rumors in an interview with German In Style magazine, adding that he would like to have a girlfriend and a family, but for the time being he wanted to focus on acting.


According to the Perez Hilton June 24, 2007 article:

“Wentworth and Luke have been secretly dating for almost six months now,” says an impeccable source close to the pair. “They’ve been very quiet about their relationship, obviously, as Wentworth is not out of the closet.”
Things between the pair are so serious that the couple are talking about moving in together, we hear.
“They spend a lot of time at each other’s houses,” says our mole. “Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he’s become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke.”
The pair are so close that McFarlane has even accompanied Miller to Asia to film some recent commercials and adverts, our source tells us.


Luke Mcfarlane, a Canadian actor who played the character Scotty on Brothers & Sisters, bravely came out in a 2008 interview with the Canadian Globe and Mail. Regarding his decision to come out after years of speculation in the press regarding his sexuality, Macfarlane said:

I don’t know what will happen professionally … that is the fear, but I guess I can’t really be concerned about what will happen, because it’s my truth. … There is this desire in L.A. to wonder who you are and what’s been blaring for me for the last three years is how can I be most authentic to myself – so this is the first time I am speaking about it in this way.



Miller has yet to reveal if he’s dating Macfarlane or anyone in particular at the moment. You can read his ‘coming out’ letter sent Wednesday to the St. Petersburg International Film Fest, declining to participate because of Russia’s anti-LGBT laws.

“I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government,” Miller wrote. “The situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly.”

*Side Note:If you think you know someone that might be gay, lesbian or bisexual, do not force them out of the closet. Let them decide to come out on their own terms when they are ready. It is no one’s decision but their own to announce their sexuality to you or the world.

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Access Star Sightings: October 16 – 22, 2009


Saturday, October 17, in Las Vegas: Taylor Swift shopping at Armani Exchange with her mom before lunch at Diablo’s Cantina, before heading to her gig at Justin Timberlake’s charity concert with a reunited TLC, Alicia Keys, Timbaland and Justin himself.

Sunday, October 18, in LA: Pauly Shore picking up a black suitcase at the Burbank Airport… Mark Walhberg stepping out for Starbucks on Mulholland and Beverly Glen… actors Chad Allen of Here TV’s “The Donald Strachey Mysteries” and Luke MacFarlane of ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” spinning their wheels on a 200 mile charity bike ride to Santa Barbara and back, raising money for the Youth, Mental Health and Addition Recovery services department of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.

Tuesday, October 20, in LA: Leonardo DiCaprio in downtown LA’s EVO, checking out the property’s eco-friendly penthouses between shooting scenes with Ellen Page and Joseph-Gordon Levitt for Christopher Nolan’s “Inception”… Aziz Ansari waiting in line for indie rockers Grizzly Bear’s Hollywood Palladium concert … and after the show, Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps, Pete Yorn and Devendra Banhart in good spirits at the after party.

Wednesday, October 21, in LA: “The Office” star Angela Kinsey hanging around the UCB Theater with “Hangover” star Rachel Harris.

Thursday, October 22, in NYC: Sienna Miller taking a bow on the opening night of her Broadway play, “After Miss Julie”… Claire Danes spotted exiting the performance.

And in San Francisco: Charlize Theron planting a kiss on a woman during the One X One charity auction – earned for the winning bid of $140,000 which included a two-week trip to South Africa.

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Greg’s Celebrity Encounters: Rubbing elbows with Scotty and Kevin from “Brothers & Sisters”


ABC’s Brothers & Sisters has its fourth season premiere tomorrow night and gay couple Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Scotty (Luke Macfarlane) and word has it that they are considering becoming parents.

Both are such good actors and seem like good guys. I first met Luke at the 2007 LA Gay and Lesbian Center Gala. He was not yet out publicly but could not have been nicer. We spoke the next year at a TV Academy event shortly after he came out publicly as a gay man in an interview with the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail.

He said of coming out: “I’ll say that I decided to do that interview, I decided to answer those questions in an effort to make my life simpler and that’s going to continue to be my motto.”

Scotty Wandell and Kevin Walker had instant chemistry from the minute the financially struggling waiter-turned-chef walked into his law office on a legal matter. He cut through Kevin’s veneer with quirky humor and charm and you knew he had Kevin’s heart when he bit into a red velvet cupcake and smiled at the end of one of their early episodes..

“My whole experience on the show started off as just a few episodes and it’s just become more and more and more and I’m so grateful for that,” Luke told. “…I do know that the fans had a lot to do with Scotty staying around as long as he has so I’m grateful for them.”

I’ve met Matthew om several occasions and it’s always a little surprising to hear him speak in a Welsh accent since Kevin is so Californian.

It just shows what a damned good actor he is!

In one of our interviews, Matthew talked to me about why Scotty and Kevin make such a good couple: “We do have (chemistry). It’s a real joy to work with him, a pleasure. As much as (Kevin and Scotty’s) drama came from their turbulence and the conflict in their relationship, being now in this (committed) relationship opens up a world of drama for them to play out.  … What’s great is they really have picked two very diverse characters, the two of us compliment us very well as characters. Kevin can be a little bit uptight at times whereas Scotty, is a little bit too much of a free-spirit. So when the two meet, it makes for humorous times.”

Source: Greg in Hollywood

Actor Luke MacFarlane Comes Out


Actor Luke MacFarlane came out in an interview with The [Toronto] Globe and Mail today.

Actor Luke MacFarlane Comes Out

Actor Luke MacFarlane came out in an interview with The [Toronto] Globe and Mail today. The native of Canada, though “terrified” about the future of his career, said to the paper, “I don’t know what will happen professionally, but I guess I can’t really be concerned about what will happen, because it’s my truth.”

MacFarlane is best known for his role as Scotty Wandell, the love interest of Kevin Walker (played by Matthew Rhys) on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters (Note: A future plot spoiler is below). The actor went on to say, “There is this desire in L.A. to wonder who you are, and what’s been blaring for me for the last three years is how can I be most authentic to myself — so this is the first time I am speaking about it in this way.”

He told the paper: “From a standing-outside perspective, and also as someone who is gay, I think that it’s a very exciting time. How exciting that we’re saying ‘This can be part of the cultural fabric, now,’ because it is two series regulars, two people that you invite into your home and you see every week. It’s telling of the beginning of more waves, and I’m very proud of that.” He does, however, note that a certain irony still exists: While a show featuring a same-sex marriage may be an important step toward building tolerance, it’s still an attention-grabber in today’s television world.

The interview took place during the shooting of the season finale of Brothers & Sisters, in which (here’s the spoiler alert) Scotty and Kevin get married. (The Advocate)

Source: The Advocate