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Synopsis and video preview from “Christmas Landmark”

About Christmas Land

Jules Cooper is a successful New York businesswoman who seemingly has everything: a rapidly growing career in marketing and a handsome boyfriend named Mitchell. Jules soon learns her beloved late Grandmother Glinda has left her ‘Christmas Land,’ a magical Christmas-themed village and Christmas tree farm in the countryside. Much of Jules’s favorite childhood memories revolve around Christmas Land and the holiday’s her family spent there in her youth. Upon arriving in Christmas Land to claim the property, she meets handsome and charming Tucker Barnes, the lawyer handling the estate. Christmas Land has seen better days since Glinda’s tragic passing and Jules is forced to make many complicated decisions. Should she sell Christmas Land to real estate tycoon Mason Richards and get back to her busy city life? Or should she stay and bring Christmas Land back to its former glory? With decisions to be made in both life and love, this Christmas for Jules is sure to be both interesting… and magical.

Video Preview

Hallmark Christmas Movie “Christmas Land” Cast Revealed!


It’s officially happening! I know some of you had been beginning to wonder, especially since the cast had yet to be revealed… but, now the Hallmark Channel web-site has revealed -“Christmas Land” will star Nikki DeLoach, Luke MacFarlane, and Maureen McCormick.

Luke MacFarlane , Nikki DeLoach, and Maureen McCormick – photo credits below.

I checked Nikki DeLoach’s acting creds – and this looks to be her first Hallmark movie. She has been in an ION Christmas Movie – “Golden Christmas 3”. Luke MacFarlane starred in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie “The Memory Book”, and everyone knows Maureen McCormick, forever as the iconic character “Marsha Brady”, from “The Brady Bunch”.

*A very Special “Thank You” to Shirley for catching this cast info on the Hallmark Channel web-site and sharing this news with me – and now, with all of you!!!

“Christmas Land” is scheduled to air Sunday December 20, 2015 at 8:00 PM / 7:00c on the Hallmark Channel.

Source: It’s a Wonderful Movie